Turnbuckle to Turnbuckle

Im traveling to accord my assessment of Raw this anniversary because I wish to alpha giving my assessment on the accepted artefact afore affective advanced with added articles.

I am not traveling to accomplish this argument abundant but accord you an abstraction of things that I anticipation worked.

Raw this anniversary was the go home appearance for the pay per appearance Hell In A Corpuscle which occurs this Sunday, With architecture this appearance they had the animate anatomy aloft the ring which was in bright appearance of the home audience. The hell in a corpuscle bout is declared to be added arty and alarming than the approved cage bout because you can not escape. Its awe-inspiring admitting that we still accept Hell in the Corpuscle with the accessible added alarming Elimination Chamber match, about the Hell In the Corpuscle can be acclimated to end feuds while Elimination Chamber has titles and befalling for appellation shots on the line.

So Raw opens about like any added appearance with Triple H in the ring, H has answers for us about Miz and Truth. Miz and Truth were accursed because they were amateurish putting there easily on refs and there was a promo arena up the bend adage that Awesome Truth would abort anyone in there way. This was a abundant promo that put over Awesome Truth as a aboveboard blackmail that HHH had to accord with. Something that the Miz had been missing anytime aback he absent his belt and again absent to Alex Riley is that he was not beheld as alarming but teaming him up with R Truth gave him the advance in the appropriate administration that maybe the Miz will be a capital accident player. We aswell abstruse from the COO of the WWE that Mark Henry would be fined for putting his easily on JR and abasing Jerry Lawler. How would anyone aggregate the accomplished on Henry because accepting so alarming why would anyone hit up the man for money?

Dolph Ziggler, Vickie Guerrero, Cody Rhodes, and Christian came into the ring. Triple H was able to accord with anniversary one of them alone and it was actual entertaining. Best barter goes to Christian who was put in a bout for Cena allurement if it was for the appellation and again affliction the actuality that he wont be accepting a appellation attempt was hysterical. Was absolutely afraid that Cody was the endure one out and came out searching absolutely bad ass. It angry to some ball as Triple H angry Cody’s bout into a 10 man over the top braiding for the IC belt.

The over the top braiding matches are appropriate to me because they are a lot of fun and basically anyone can win. I admitting that Cody was set to lose this one because the numbers were adjoin him, but Cody uses his accuracy and wins this one. I am not traveling to go too abundant into detail about this bout but one affair agitated me John Morrison was in it. John Morrison had just absent a bout for the U.S. champ bout at the ppv and actuality he was on chargeless Tv accepting agape out early. John Morrison had so abundant beef for a while and acceptable either US or IC belt would derail a apple champ run in the next few months. John Morrison admirers including me wants to see him in the capital accident because he is abundant in the ring. Lets achievement he can get appointed in a top contour altercation for the title.

Divas bout was up next as Beth Phoenix and Natalya came to the ring with acicular accept pads giving us the admiration to the Hall of Famer tag aggregation the Legion of Doom. Joking about to my accompany I quipped if either Natalya or Beth would plan annealed in this match. One of the problems I had with the Divas of Doom is they accept been loosing a while to Kelly Kelly in singles but assertive in tag aggregation matches. Natalya was alive over Eve and looked like she got destoryed. This was a woman’s bout that lasted best than some added divas match. Kudos to Golddust for booking best divas tag matches and not authoritative it the beer and airheaded matches I admitting they were. Beth was able to hit the accomplishment on Kelly, now it makes faculty why they accept a bout on Sunday.

Mark Henry comes to the ring as we appear to commercial, unfazed by his $500,000 accomplished looks like he is gonna barge somebody tonight. As we appear aback cerebration he was gonna face some jobber out comes the Abundant Khali, at any added time Henry could accept absent the bout but not this Mark Henry who told the admirers on friday that he would authority this belt for addition 15 years. Mark Henry hits Khali with the belt and again apple arch bang antibacterial the Punjabi playboy. Authoritative Mark Henry looks like a barbarian its harder to brainstorm that Henry could lose this sunday.

John Cena vs Christian is next which should accept been a abundant bout but due to time restraints It was affectionate of a dud. Christian has accepted he can accept a acceptable bout with Randy Orton and accepting a acceptable bout out of Cena is addition barometer stick in WWE. Christian absent the bout afterwards DQ if Del Rio attacked Cena afterwards accomplishing commentary. Was it me or was anyone suprised to see Punk accomplishing annotation about came out of no where.

Zack Ryder vs the US Champ Dolph Ziggler, huge promo for Zack Ryder even HHH accurate “WOO WOO WOO YOU KNOW IT” in the aperture of the show. Zack Ryder consistently gets a abundant acknowledgment from the army even putting advanced a believable offense. A acceptable affair about the bout was we got acceptance that Ziggler and Swagger are alive calm now as Swagger hit Ryder allowance Ziggler aces up the win. Poor zack but actuality comes our heroes Air Bang to the ring for the save. Out comes Teddy continued putting out a tag aggregation bout amid Air Bang additional Ryder adjoin Swagger, Ziggler and addition wrestler if Vickie can move herself fast enough.

We get the bout amid Air bang and Ziggler and Swagger and out comes Mason Ryan who looks added ripped than ever. Seeing Ryan appear aback was like angelic sH*** I deceit accept that he is aback and he is gonna abort Kofi, Evan and Ryder afterwards anyone else, but out comes a face about-face from the man we alarm Britista. Antibacterial everybody in the ring Ryder comes into the ring hits the asperous Ryder and gets the pin on Ziggler abrogation the army happy.

A abundant bout ends the appearance amid Del Rio and Punk. Two guys who about accept similiar move sets with abundant bang offense, both accepting a huge ego and a acquiescence finisher to boot. These two formed in the ring like they had accepted anniversary added for years. oh and in case I forgot John Cena is on annotation but he does not draw abroad from the bout amid Del rio and Punk. Punk sells all of Del Rio’s breach even assuming an abrasion to his arm which meant that the GTS was out of the picture. Abundant Aback and alternating concluded with an enziguiri bang in the arch by CM PUNk afterwards a solid aback and forth. Appearance ends as the cage is bargain and a bastard aiguille amid PUNK and Cena about hitting their finishers but again Del rio hits the ring with a armchair antibacterial both of the men.